“ THE SECRET MUSIC ” project

The great American photographer Diane Arbus once said:
“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”

The most hidden secrets in life are our true emotions.

The experience of listening to music is undeniably individual and opens a window to our most intimate inner self. Being together with nothing but the music itself is an experience that moves us in profound ways.

The music connects directly to our soul in a way that we may not be even conscious about and unveils hidden emotions. It is these emotions that come to the surface …

This project is to portray actors and musicians listening to two pieces of music – to their favorite song and to an unexpected piece. It will comprise of a series of classic portraits on a white background of sensitive and expressive human beings with headphones – dreaming, remembering, smiling, laughing, thinking, crying… It will allow the spectator to connect directly to the emotions of the artist stirred by music, and to recreate this secret music via the image.

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Exhibition – Eyes On -The Vienna Month of Photography 2012

There’s no such thing as a retired actor
Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut “Haus Wittgenstein” – Kellergalerie

You can see the series of portraits  There’s no such thing as a retired actor HERE

Many thanks to Boris Petranov – chief of Bulgarian culture institut in Vienna “Haus Wittgenstein

There’s no such thing as a retired actor
Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut “Haus Wittgenstein” – Kellergalerie


To understand Georgi Vachev’s work, we must take a brief detour into his biography. An actor and photographer, he graduated from the National Academy of Theater and Film Arts in Sofia (Bulgaria) in 1998; he is now a permanent member of the ensemble at the Dramatic Theater in Plovdiv (Bulgaria). In 2009, he received his master’s degree in photography at the Academy for Music, Dance, and Fine Arts in Plovdiv.

Once we are familiar with his career, the subject he has chosen for these pictures seems almost obvious. His photographs reflect any actor’s greatest his life, after all, is entirely dedicated to appearing before the spectators and earning their esteem. Vachev’s photographic portraits speak of the affliction of a retired performer, who can no longer give himself up to his greatest passion acting! All of the photographs on display depict a stage actor’s retreat into his own four walls, his banishment from the stage. But has this actor really vanished from the stage, or does Vachev perhaps stage him in an entirely new way? Georgi Vachev’s photographs afford the thespian another appearance. True, it is no longer on the stage, before a live audience; but he is the protagonist of another medium in this instance, photography, which enables the actor to take the “stage” even after his death, drawing the admiring gazes of his beholders.


Den Schauspieler in Rente gibt es nicht
Bulgarisches Kulturinstitut “Haus Wittgenstein” – Kellergalerie


Um die Arbeiten von Georgi Vachev zu verstehen, ist ein Exkurs in seine Biografie nicht zu vermeiden. 1998 absolvierte der Schauspieler und Fotograf die Nationale Akademie f?r Theater und Film in Sofia (Bulgarien) und ist seitdem ein festes Ensemblemitglied des Theaters f?r Drama in Plovdiv (Bulgarien) geworden. 2009 machte er den Magister in Fotografie an der Akademie f?r Musik, Tanz und bildende Kunst in Plovdiv.

Kennt man seinen Lebenslauf, ist das hier ausgew?hlte Thema fast schon selbstverst?ndlich. Seine Fotografien spiegeln die gr??te Angst eines jeden Schauspielers, dessen Lebensinhalt daraus besteht, f?r das Publikum zu leben und von diesem wertgesch?tzt zu werden. Vachev berichtet in seinen Fotoportr?ts ?ber das Leid eines in Rente gegangenen Akteurs, der sich nicht mehr seiner gr??ten Leidenschaft hingeben kann – dem Schauspielen! Jedes der gezeigten Portr?ts stellt den R?ckzug eines B?hnenakteurs in die eigenen vier W?nde und seine Verbannung von der B?hne dar. Doch ist der Schauspieler hier tats?chlich von der B?hne verschwunden, oder wird er wom?glich von Vachev ganz neu in Szene gesetzt? Georgi Vachevs Fotografien erlauben dem Darsteller einen erneuten Auftritt. Zwar nicht mehr auf der B?hne vor einem lebendigen Publikum, aber als Protagonist eines anderen Mediums. Das Medium ist in diesem Falle die Fotografie, welche es dem Schauspieler auch nach seinem Tod weiterhin erm?glicht, auf einer „B?hne” zu stehen und von Zusehern bestaunt zu werden.

Eyes On—The Vienna Month of Photography is Austria’s largest photography festival. It has taken place biennially since 2004. November 2010 will once again be all about the photographic image—for an entire month, Vienna will be the capital of photography.

Български разкази – моноспектакъл на Мариус Куркински

Втория театрален плакат който снимам за Мариус .  С  риск да се повторя ще кажа, че ние актьорите най-ставаме за снимане  – /не искам да чувам за никакви манекенки, модели, и фотогенични хора/ Актьор ми дай ти на мене !!!  Да ми се облещи едно хубаво насреща ….  и фотографията става песен ! 🙂    Заповядайте на театър ! …

По произведения на Ангел Каралийчев, народни приказки и предания, спектакълът е реализиран съвместно с продуцентска къща АРТИШОК


Част от фотографиите за плакат на пиесата “Канкун”

Част от снимките за плаката на пиесата “Канкун” с която се откри ежегодния театрален фестивал “Сцена на кръстопът”

Участват Ирини Жамбонас, Христо Мутафчиев, Искра Донова и Ивайло Христов

режисьор : Бина Харалампиева

– за фотографията – стар изпитан ефект – вода и актьори ! няма начин да не проработи 😉
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“Няма пенсиониран актьор” “There is no retired actor”

Живеем в странно време, най-малко ни изненадват политическите и икономическите абсурди.По интересни и неразбираеми са социалните.
Феноменът “пенсиониран актьор” . Какво е това ? Нима една мелодия може да бъде пенсионирана, нима една картина може да бъде записана в списъка на “старите картини” ?
Нима нещо вечно живо, като енергията, таланта и любовта може да се покрие с прах ?
Пенсионираният артист съществува само и единствено на книга , никъде другаде и по никое време!

We live in absurd times where we are least surprised

by the political and economic absurds– more intriguing

and incomprehensible are the social ones.

The phenomenon “retired actor”.

What is this?

Can a melody really be retired an a picture be

entered in the archive  of “old pictures”?

How could the eternally live, as energy, talent

and love, and yet still be thick with dust?

I believe that the term “retired actor” exists solely in the minds of our compartmentalized society, and nowhere else.