“ THE SECRET MUSIC ” project

The great American photographer Diane Arbus once said:
“A photograph is a secret about a secret. The more it tells you the less you know.”

The most hidden secrets in life are our true emotions.

The experience of listening to music is undeniably individual and opens a window to our most intimate inner self. Being together with nothing but the music itself is an experience that moves us in profound ways.

The music connects directly to our soul in a way that we may not be even conscious about and unveils hidden emotions. It is these emotions that come to the surface …

This project is to portray actors and musicians listening to two pieces of music – to their favorite song and to an unexpected piece. It will comprise of a series of classic portraits on a white background of sensitive and expressive human beings with headphones – dreaming, remembering, smiling, laughing, thinking, crying… It will allow the spectator to connect directly to the emotions of the artist stirred by music, and to recreate this secret music via the image.

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